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Bai Tu Long Bay vs Halong Bay: What’s the difference?

If Halong Bay is a well-known name on Vietnam’s tourism map, Bai Tu Long Bay is relatively unknown to many, especially foreign tourists.

In fact, Bai Tu Long Bay has a much larger area than Halong Bay. The number of limestone mountains is also greater and the air is also more peaceful and fresh because it is less affected by a large number of tourists every year like Halong Bay.

What is the difference between Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay? Let’s find out in this article

1. The difference about condition between Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a well-known name on Vietnam’s tourism map. Therefore, every year, this place receives a large number of tourists from home and abroad.

With such a large number of tourists, especially in the peak season, the scenery on the Bay will be more bustling and noisy due to bustling tours and boats. Moreover, the amount of waste will be more in some destinations.

The local tourism industry has not exploited Bai Tu Long Bay, so this place still has a quiet and wild beauty. There are almost no tourists or other tourist boats anywhere. Bai Tu Long Bay is a hidden gift for tourists who want to explore a wilderness without an intensive tour guide.

Tourism promotion and activities have not been developed yet. In addition, there are quite a few cruises allowed to go through Bai Tu Long Bay, so the scenery on the Bay is quiet and less bustling than Halong Bay.

A small number of guests also make the environment here more fresh and pleasant, which is suitable for families and couples who want to have time to relax and rest.

2. The difference about attractions between Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay

Due to the exploitation of tourism and promotion, Halong Bay is known for its more discoveries. Some outstanding places to visit in Halong include Titop Island, Tuan Chau Island, Mat Rong Island, Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Luon Cave, Ba Trai Dao Beach, Tung Sau Pearl Village, Cua Van fishing village, …

Bai Tu Long Bay has fewer attractions (due to the potentiality of tourism and exploitation). Some places to visit include Bai Tu Long National Park, Quan Lan Island, Minh Chau Island, Vung Vieng Fishing Village, Ba Mun Island, Tra Ngo Lon Island, …

The islands, caves, and attractions in Halong Bay have been mostly discovered. Here, there are many entertainment spots, hotels, restaurants, markets, … so it will be convenient when you need something. However, due to being exploited a lot, it will lose its original, untouched nature.

In contrast, in Bai Tu Long Bay, the services provided are few so you may have difficulty finding hotels, dining or fun activities but you know what? The feeling when entering a pristine cave on the Bai Tu Long Bay or when exploring Bai Tu Long National Park is different from Halong Bay! It’s extremely new like you are conquering an island without a guide!

3. The difference about activities between Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay

Basically, the activities on both Bays are quite similar. At Halong Bay, you can participate in exciting experience and discovery activities such as:
– Kayaking at Luon cave, Ba Hang area, Cua Van area, Cong Dam, Hon Chan sand beach, …
– Swimming and diving in areas such as Titop beach, Soi Sim, Tuan Chau, and Bai Chay
– Fishing at locations such as Titop island, Cong Do lake, Cua Van fishing village, …
– Cycling at places like Cat Ba National Park (on Cat Ba Island, near Halong Bay)
– Tuk-tuk riding on Cat Ba island at Halong Bay
– BBQ on beach
– Climbing: You can choose some limestone mountains with a height of 25-30 meters to challenge yourself. From a height above jumping into the Bay is an adventurous but exciting experience.

On Bai Tu Long Bay, activities such as scuba diving, BBQ on the beach or cycling tours will be difficult or not available.

4. The difference about the cruises between Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay

Because Bai Tu Long Bay is still being evaluated by the Ministry of Tourism and other competent agencies to assess tourism potentials, exploit and build tourist facilities.

At the same time, there are areas with rich and rare flora and fauna that need to be preserved, so few ships are licensed to go through this area or organize tourism activities in the Bay area. So when you come to Bai Tu Long you will see there are very few cruises.

Conversely, if you come to Halong Bay, you will see many yachts and tours organized on the Bay. Especially in peak seasons, the Bay full of boats and tourists.

As such, it will be easy to book a tour with a cruise to explore Halong Bay. Meanwhile, finding a good service yacht exploring both Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay will require you to take the time to find more information.

Above is some reference information about the differences between Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. If you want to explore both bays in just one trip, you can consider traveling on Emperor Cruise. This is one of the few cruises with many utilities, good services and itinerary to explore both famous bays.

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