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Term and Conditions

Table of Contents

Term and Conditions

Please kindly read these terms and conditions carefully. On booking online or signing our booking form when making reservation over the phone or by email, you are deemed to have read and accepted our Booking Conditions, and are accepting the terms of these conditions on behalf of all persons in the party.

These terms and conditions constitute an agreement with Merchant. By entering the site you accept these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, and it is your responsibility to check these terms and conditions regularly in case there are any changes. Continuing to use the site after a change has been made is your acceptance of those changes.


Tour prices are net prices, quoted in American Dollars or Vietnamese. Our prices for cruises are generally per cabin, not per person, except for promotions and day cruises.

II.Deposit and Cancellation

Deposit payment can be settled by Bank transfer or link payment. Deposits are generally 30% total rate after the booking is confirmed.

If reservations are made less than 60 days prior to the departure date for GIT booking and less than 45 days prior to the departure date for FIT booking, payment in full is required at the time of booking confirmation. If final payments are not received on time, Emperor Cruises may cancel the reservation and invoke the cancellation fee.

Cancellation will be charged as follows:

 Cancellation Policies 
GROUP FROM 1 – 3 SUITE CABIN45 days prior to check inNo Cancellation Charge
GROUP FROM 1 – 3 SUITE CABINLess than 45 days prior to the check-in100% of total rate
GROUP FROM 4 – 8 SUITE CABIN60 days prior to the check-inNo Cancellation Charge
GROUP FROM 4 – 8 SUITE CABINLess than 60 days prior to the check-in100% of total rate


III. Cruise cancellation due to bad weather conditions

Cruising and sailing in Halong Bay is regulated by the Halong Bay Port Authority. Every morning, the Port Authority delivers a permit to each cruise company allowing them to sail in Halong Bay.

In case of bad weather conditions and risks of tropical storms, the Port Authority might limit the possibilities of cruising and even decide to cancel all cruises.

In those cases, final decision by the Port of Authority is usually known only at on the day of departure. Here are the possible scenarios that can occur and alternatives then offered to the passengers by Emperor Cruises:

On a day with bad weather conditions or risks of tropical storm, Emperor will inform the Guests / travel agents as soon as possible of the risk of cancellation, the possible scenarios that can occur, and will offer different alternatives for the guests/travel agents to choose.

At, Emperor Cruises will know whether:

– The overnight permit is given;

– The overnight permit is denied but day cruising is allowed;

– All cruising is forbidden for the day and night.

1.2. Terms and conditions

Upon arrival, guests can choose:

1.2.1. Not to wait, and cancel their cruise altogether.

If the guests decide to cancel the cruise before receiving final decision from the local authorities, Emperor Cruises will not proceed to any refund.

1.2.2. If guests wait, enjoy lunch onboard, only a day cruise is allowed, then only 180 USD per person will be charged to cover the lunch and day cruising.

1.2.3. If guests wait, enjoy lunch onboard and overnight cruising is permitted, will not proceed to any refund.


2.1. Situation

Permit to cruise on the second day of the 3-day-2-night cruise is delivered by the Port Authority at 8.00am the day of cruising under normal circumstances. If cruising permit is denied at 8.00am, guests will go back to the Marina at 10.30am with guests checking out that day. They will have then the same possible scenarios and alternatives as in the above
section 1.

2.2. Terms & Conditions

Emperor Cruises will refund as follows:
2.2.1. In case cruising is entirely denied on that day: cruise will only be charged as a 2 days/1 night
2.2.2. In case the guests decide to remain for lunch onboard when permitted but cruising ends up being entirely denied on that day: cruise will be charged as a 2 days/1 night +180 USD to cover for the lunch and day cruise.
2.2.4. No refund can be claimed in case overnight cruising ends up being allowed and the guests spend the second night onboard as well.
2.2.5. No refund can be claimed in case guests decide to end their cruise at 10.30am on the second day without waiting for the Port Authority final decision.


In case of bad weather conditions or risks of tropical storms on the day of departure (check-out), the Port Authority may also order to return to the marina earlier than planned. No refund can be claimed in this situation.


4.1. Guests using transportation not booked via Emperor Cruises shall contact their Travel Agent / Transportation supplier directly to make all necessary arrangements deriving from a cruise cancellation.
4.2. For guests using Emperor Cruises Transportation Services, Emperor Cruises will arrange transport back to Hanoi.
4.3. As Emperor Cruises shall not be held responsible for any cruise cancellation due to weather conditions, if transportation has been used, cost of transportation cannot be refunded by Emperor Cruises.


5.1. Cruising Itinerary
Even when cruising permits are delivered, bad weather conditions might force our Management, Captains and Crew to modify the schedule: change of routes, visits cancelled or modified, etc.
By booking with Emperor Cruises, all guests agree that all programs are subject to change without prior notice.


The Halong Bay Port Authority, Quang Ninh Province Authorities and other Officials may request without prior notice to inspect one (or several) boat(s) of the fleet.
Emperor Cruises shall not be held responsible for any delays, change of schedule, early
check-out that could occur due to an Officials’ inspection, and will thus not proceed to
any refund.


7.1. Permits can be denied due to thick fog: in this case, it is impossible for Emperor Cruises to know, predict or suspect in advance.
7.2. Though for most tropical storms we usually have warnings and information 24 to 48 hours in advance, it is very often impossible for anyone to predict how powerful it will be when reaching the coast of Vietnam and sudden trajectory changes are also very common, hence the delay in getting, then communicating, information.
7.3. Very often Emperor Cruises can receive from the Port Authority many contradictory pieces of information before the final decision that comes at 11.00am. Emperor will communicate to the passengers all information as given by the Port Authority and should not be held responsible for inconsistencies, last minute changes, and contradictions.
7.4. In case of risks of tropical storm at night, the weather might show no sign of danger upon the guests’ arrival and change only much later and quite suddenly.
7.5. Some other cruise companies in Halong Bay might decide to go against the decision of the Port Authority. It is their personal choice not to observe the orders of the local authorities and to put at risks the lives of their passengers.
CONSIDERING THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF ITS PASSENGERS AS ITS NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, EMPEROR CRUISES WILL ALWAYS COMPLY WITH THE PORT AUTHORITY’S DECISION. Although Emperor Cruises understands the importance for visitors to see Halong Bay, and is highly honored to have been chosen by the guests to see Vietnam’s most mythical site, we will never put our passengers in danger.


Passengers using the services of a travel agent should then contact their travel agent to make the necessary arrangements for transportation, accommodation, etc.

In case of tropical storm warning, it is usually forbidden to have people onboard, even when the vessels are anchored at the harbor.

Passengers using the services of a travel agent should then address their travel agent for refund. Emperor Cruises refunds directly to the agent the amount paid by the agent.

IV.Final Payment

Except as otherwise agreed by Merchant, Client’s payment shall be executed by cash, credit card. All credit card transaction is proceeding without bank charge.

In cases where credit facilities have not been agreed with the Client/Agent, payment shall be executed by swift or telegraphic transfer to the appropriate Merchant’s bank account. Any bank charges levied by the sending bank relating to transfers to Merchant must be paid by the Client/Agent.

V.Refund of Unused services

No Refunds or exchange can be made in respect of accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, transports or any other services which are included in the tour prices but not utilized by the clients.

VI.Confirmation Voucher

Voucher will be sent through email after the booked trip is confirmed and payment is sent and completed.

VII. Liability and Insurance

Emperor Cruises accept no responsibility for any loss, injury, damage or delay due to natural disaster, politic actions, weather or causes beyond its control

Travel insurance and medical precautions are essential. Your travel insurance must provide cover against personal accident, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance at the time of booking.

VIII. Confirmation

All confirmations are generally confirmed by return fax or e-mail within 2 working days. In case immediate confirmation is not possible, we will inform you of the booking status at the time of reservation.

IX.Children Policies:

– FOC for 01 child under 5 years old sharing bed with parents

– Only 01 child under 5 years is allowed to share bed with parents. The second child is applied as child 5-11 years old

– The maximum number of children from 5 to fewer than 11 sharing cabin with parent: 02 children

– FOC baby cot for infant (subject to availability)

– From 12 years old will be charged as adults’ rate

X.Passengers’ Information

Client is requested to submit all passenger details at least 72 hours prior to check-in of passengers (Full name, Date of birth, Gender, Nationality, Passport number, Vietnam visa expiry date, Contact number). Passengers are advised to bring the passport during the tour as representative of the Halong Bay Port Authority can be aboard to check any time.

Emperor Cruises is a member of Lux Group, an award-winning Asian travel and hospitality group with more than 20 years delivering authentic and unique experiences.

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