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5 Steps before choosing a Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise

When traveling both domestic or abroad, there are many really disturbing when choosing a cruise for your journey. Currently, the tourism market offers too many tours (often to explore the Bay, islands or sightseeing while enjoying the food on the cruise). You may need to look at the following criteria to ensure you choose the best cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay that is worth the money you spend the most.

1. Schedules and activities of Cruise

Currently, not many cruise lines combine to Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay. In particular, Bai Tu Long Bay is still quite wild, untapped for tourism so the scenery here is quieter and more fresh than Ha Long Bay. This is an ideal destination for couples or families who want to have time to relax, do not want to have too many tourists.

If you want to explore both of these famous bays of Vietnam, you need to preview the schedule to not miss the points you want to visit. Based on that, you will also choose the number of days you want to stay on the train.

In addition, knowing in advance the accompanying activities such as kayaking, exploring caves, fishing villages or some islands,… will help you prepare personal items during the trip.

2. Consider the Cruise capacity

Often there are two kinds of cruise: The big one with the capacity of about 30 to 40 people and the small one with 15-25 people.

If you are a person who likes to socialize and make new friends or enjoy group activities, a big capacity cruise will be the right choice for you. If you prefer a quiet space, few people or need privacy, the cruise with a moderate number of visitors (from 15-25 people) is the best choice.

Indeed, the number of people on the cruise could highly affect the quality of your trip. For example, the overcrowding of passengers can reduce the quality of service on the boat as it is difficult for the staff to serve many visitors at the same time during meals.

Because of many people, you can not know all of them and maybe find difficult to connect to each other. In addition, the crowds will make noise and make the space seem cramped, so you will hardly have a quiet space to enjoy the scenery on the Bay.

3. The room and equipment on cruise

Comfort and convenience will always be the top criteria when choosing a room. The large bedroom area with an airy balcony and bath overlooking the Bay is ideal for you to enjoy the trip. You will not need to worry about your child crying or harassing other travelers onboard. You will also have a more comfortable space to rest after the activities during the trips.

With few rooms in a large cruise, the balcony and the bathroom will be bigger. Common areas such as dining rooms, bars, and lounges are also wider. In addition, some cruises also have a gym so visitors can exercise on long trips.

With a large area, for saving money, you can consider to share the room and adding an extra bed for children.

4. The activities on Cruise

In addition to the cruise schedule, the quality of accommodation and the number of passengers on board, you have to pay attention to the boat activities that take place throughout the tour’s schedule.

Currently, the quality cruises often offer onboard activities such as all passengers practice martial arts in the morning, work together to watch movies onboard, cooking classes for foreigners want to explore the cuisine as well as how to prepare traditional dishes. There are also on-board exhibition activities for visitors to learn more about Vietnamese culture and history, enjoy tea and watch the sunset…

You must make sure that the money you spend will be worth what you get. It will be boring if you have to sit for hours on the cruise with little group activity for visitors. Making sure your cruise organizes recreational activities, help you know more about the country you visit is one of the criteria to evaluate an ideal cruise.

5. The quality of services on Cruise

In addition to the criteria listed above, the quality of services onboard is another point you should consider. You can refer to information from friends, relatives or see reviews from people who have been on the cruise, maybe even ask for more information from the Blogger.

In addition to the usual utilities, there are cruises that provide free services like massages, saunas, exhibitions or music to all visitors on board. Moreover, the quality of service on the yacht depends on the staff on board. Some of the high-quality yachts also have separate butlers for each room.

You also have to note more about what your payment will include, as some boats are low-cost but do not include the necessary services that you need.

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