Position Summary

The Director of Sales an (DOS) will be responsible for managing strategic partnerships and supplier relationships, and for developing luxury travel products and benefits.

In alignment with International premium travel benefit strategy, this position will oversee the travel benefit strategy and engage in negotiations with selected strategic partners.

The Director of Sales must have strong commercial and strategic thought leadership to drive exceptional travel product value to most prestigious and high value, while ensuring optimized financial returns.

The position will also be responsible for ensuring ease of sell-in, coordinating product awareness and briefings for front line service delivery travel executives and for working closely with marketing colleagues to quantify and articulate the competitive and differentiated value.

Reporting to Hanoi Office’s Director and the board of directors (BOD), The Director of Sales will be responsible for the creation, implementation and measurement of the companies strategy across sales activities



  • Manage development and implementation of Business strategy (Company 3 year, 1 year and Department goals approved by the BOD and regular performance reporting)
  • Monitoring and reporting of company performance (daily, weekly, monthly performance analysis report and financial reports against targets)
  • Company profitability (Operating expenses per month within budget, supplier costs within budget and quality assessed by the EMPERORCRUISES management)
  • Manage product development process to ensure unique and defendable
  • Quality of trips (target rating from passenger feedback and other monitoring system)
  • Establish and maintain an effective local marketing and sales strategy (Direct sales, B2B contracts)
  • Understand company’s vision, mission, purpose and values and be able to articulate them to the staff and partners.
  • Meet the annual sales target set in the budget.
  • Ensure effective HR management; employ only competent people having knowledge + skills+ attitude.
  • Ensure an effective development of IT system, processes, standards in Emperor Cruises
  • Maintain good processes and standards of five star experiences.
  • Develop external relationships and partnerships and represent the company (State agencies, third party, media, industry)
  • Proven track record of management across different cultures

Cooperate/ work with Marketing team

* Send promotions/ champaigns and requests or update news to the marketing department
* Work on Brochure production in conjunction with marketing and product teams
* Create and send regular E-shots as part of the activity plan
* Copywriting and proofing to support internal and external communications (advertising, brochures, direct mail, press releases, etc).
* Work with on Social Media activity.
* Work closely on the creation and implementation of Trade Marketing activity.
* Plan and oversee shows, exhibitions and events.
* Implement public relations strategies.
* Weekly update of all brochure correspondence with relevant offers and news. Follow up of brochure requesters.
* Updating consumer/TA/TO database
* Negotiate with tourist boards and suppliers to agree special offers and marketing contribution.
* Consider new opportunities including consumer shows and events, print advertising, direct mail and other collateral material.
* Ensure consistency across all messaging
* Ensure that communication is consistent with online communications and brand guidelines are maintained.
* Daily, weekly and monthly reports
* Participation in weekly marketing meetings.
* Other projects as directed.
* Preparation of marketing campaign documents and ongoing management of the offline parts of these
* Evaluation and reporting of all offline marketing campaigns, press communication and coverage.
* Report all competitor analysis – marketing & pricing – in the offline space.
* Creative input, implementation & evaluation of marketing activities including:
–  On and offline advertising campaigns
–  Customer Retention Management (CRM) campaigns including segmented e-mail campaigns, brochure launches & direct marketing activity
* Monitor activity spend and liaise with media and creative agencies on a day-to-day basis in order to optimize efficiency and performance.
* Analysis of success of offline marketing campaigns and ongoing modifications where possible.

* Responsible for the result of business and fixed goal of the company.

Perform any other related duties incidental to the work described herein


  • Ability to work strategically on the business and also operationally in the business
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Knowledge and experience in financial management
  • Understanding of luxury tour operations
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Demonstrate leadership and ability to foster teamwork
  • Experience travel in the region and passion for luxury travel
  • Problem solving and decision making capacities
  • Experience in multinational business group advantageous
  • Ability to deal with uncertainties and a fast changing business environment
  • An understanding of and believe in Responsible Travel philosophy

Addemdum Principal Accountabilities

  • Director of Sales is in charge of sales results.
  • Build up a stronger sales team
  • Push sales team, work closely with sales manager in HN, assist NT, SG sales team to achieve sales goals.
  • Responsible for developing, enhancing and negotiating new and existing travel benefits that are core to the value proposition.  Full engagement is required in results tracking, and performance.
  • Develop and execute strategies to support retention goals, meeting aggressive growth and CM engagement targets agreed.
  • Working with the BOD, and others head of departments in defining and executing a focused luxury travel and cruising benefit strategy that aligns with and sustains the international strategy.
  • Serve as market liaison and work closely with representative colleagues in other markets regions (Asia, Europe, Latin America and the US if any) to ensure alignment with the international strategic framework for luxury travel products and services and to leverage best practices, where appropriate.
  • Develop and negotiate compelling, locally-relevant and profitable travel offers including tours packages and features that complement global core programs.
  • Drive profitable product developments to the various segments (through rigorous evaluation of internal sales and charge volume data, business analysis, market knowledge and research).  Initial focus will be on coordinating, improving and quantifying our travel products’ “value for money” and against our competitive set, and in stimulating awareness and usage.
  • Actively manage preferred partnerships to deepen and broaden relationships; seeking partner funding where appropriate and relevant to drive incremental revenues, whilst heightening customer engagement and usage.
  • Achieve yield and profitability goals by optimizing negotiations with strategic partners and ensure improved revenue optimization.
  • Support service delivery in the product awareness, training and ease of booking at the point of sale.
  • Support team to assist in marketing these travel benefits and services effectively and profitably through quantifiable and articulate value assessments and competitive benchmarking.
  • Ensure strict adherence to control and compliance requirements.


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Closure due to planned maintenance of the Emperor Cruises Nha Trang

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The legend of the islands and caves of Halong Bay

Halong Bay is the result of geological activity from plate tectonics processes over millions of years. However, in the mind of the Vietnamese people, it contains rich folklore, myth and imagination. Halong Bay was born out of legends and it makes it even more mysterious.

Halong Bay

The birth of Ha Long Bay was associated with legend about dragons. God sent the Mother Dragon and her Children to help the Vietnamese fight foreign invaders. The dragons sprayed out pearls that turned into thousands of stone islands in the sea, creating a solid wall to block the attack of enemy ships. The location where the Mother Dragon landed was Halong Bay.

The legend of the islands and caves is very much related to the history of the nation.

Dau Go Cave

The legend of Dau Go cave says that “In the war against Nguyen – Mong, Tran Hung Dao had put a lot of pointed wooden spikes in the Bach Dang River to guard against enemy ships. Because there were so many pieces of wood left,  the fisherman called it “Đầu Gỗ”,  meaning “Pieces of wood remaining”. Another legend tells that this is the place where Tran Hung Dao came to hide the pointed wooden spikes to prepare for the Bach Dang Battle , and the name “Dấu Gỗ” signifies “ a place to hide wood”. The Merveille de Monde book of France (World Wonders) was published in 1938 and it called Dau Go Cave, Grotte des merveilles (Cave of Wonders).

Virgin Cave

Unlike Dau Go, the legend of the Virgin cave was a tragic love story. Virgin cave is located on Bo Hon Island  along with Surprise Cave, Fairy Lake Cave and Luon Cave.

Legend has it that “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young lady who lived in a poor family that worked as hired labor for the owner of a fishing vessel. The young girl was forced to become the concubine of the owner. The girl refused because she had a boyfriend, who was going out to sea to prepare for their wedding day. Because she didn’t agree, the owner exiled her to a deserted island. Hungry and exhausted, she turned into stone on a rainy night. Her lover went out to sea to find her but a storm caused his boat to break and it drifted to a deserted island. In the distance, he recognized the girl but his words were swept away by the wind. He used a rock to knock on the cliffs to let her know that he had come. Knocking until he was exhausted and his hands bled, he also turned into stone. The place where the petrified girl became Virgin Cave, and opposite lies Trong cave (Male Cave) where the young man turned into stone.”

Hanh Cave

Hanh cave is 9 km from Cam Pha, 20 km from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. This is the longest cave in Halong Bay with a length of cave about 1,3 kilometer. Inside, there is a temple called Tam Co Temple (Three Girls Temple). It is said that there were three girls who came to this cave. Because the cave was so beautiful, they forgot the time and drowned as the tide rose and submerged them. They turned into gods of the sea, thus local people built this temple in order to comfort their souls.

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Archipelago consists of 367 islands, including Cat Ba Island in the south of Halong Bay, off Hai Phong City. It is known as the pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin and is the largest island of the total 1969 islands in Halong Bay. According to local legend, Cat Ba stems from the name Cac Ba (meaning Missus). For a time, there was an old woman who inhabited the island. She grew vegetables and supplied food to the men who fought invaders on a neighboring called Cat Ong (Mister).

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