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Enjoy Nha Trang nightlife like a Vietnamese

Nha Trang City is not only beautiful during the day but also extremely interesting and exciting at night. If you do not know where to go out in the evening in Nha Trang, check out the famous nightlife venues and activities in Nha Trang below! Make sure you will have relaxing and comfortable moments full of memories.

1. See musical fountain at Vinpearl Land

 Location: Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province.
Time: 7 p.m to 7:25 p.m daily
Transportation: You can go to Vinpearl from the city center by canoe or cable car. Cable car ticket is $ 25 per adult and $ 20 per child (1-1.4 meters). The ticket includes other games at Vinpearl

This is the most modern musical stage in Vietnam with a capacity of over 5000 seats. Here, you will admire the colorful art performances combined water with traditional Vietnamese songs. Every evening people in Nha Trang often here very crowded to watch country music performances with family, friends, relax after a stressful working day.

2. Walking on the Nha Trang Night Market

Location: 46 Tran Phu Street, Loc Tho, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.
Time: 2 p.m – 11:30 p.m

Walking around the night market, you can discover the diverse cuisine here, from traditional and familiar dishes such as bun cha, grilled fish, pancakes… to dishes made From extremely fresh seafood such as crispy fried squid, fried shrimp…

In addition, the extremely popular snacks for young people such as ice cream, sweet soup such as grapefruit, pomegranate saola, ginseng, green bean, water drift or lotus seed…

At the market, there are lots of crafts, fine art or pants, shirts, bags, eyeglasses, backpacks … full as any other markets. You should come to this market around 7 pm so that after having a drink, you still have plenty of time to choose souvenirs.

Among the items sold here, you can choose handicrafts made by Vietnamese artisans, in addition, coffee is also a popular choice to buy as gifts for relatives and friends after this trip.

3. Squid fishing at night – an interesting experience indispensable in Nha Trang

Based on the experience of fishermen here, squid fishing from the 17th to the 26th (lunar calendar) is the most ideal time. Squid fishing gear is quite simple, just a bamboo fishing rod is over 1 meter long, tied with a rope, underneath the thread is the fake shrimp made of luminescent plastic.

Attracted by the light, the squid will concentrate under the fake shrimp. Then, just drop the hook, the hook about 2 meters from the seafloor, occasionally jerk the fishing rod to.
Attracted by luminescent shrimp, squid will cling. When the fishing rod is heavily held, the squid will be stuck, then you have to collect them very quickly in case the fishing line will slip off immediately.

The interesting thing is that you can enjoy the fresh squid you just caught – steamed squid or grilled squid with beer will be an unforgettable memory with friends and family.

Price: About $22 per adult and $11 per child.

4. Have fun while enjoying the panoramic view of Nha Trang city at Altitude Rooftop Bar

Location: 26-28 Tran Phu Street, 28th floor of Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel.
Time: 17 – 23 h daily from Tuesday to Sunday

In a high position and open space, in the afternoon, from about 5 hours onwards is the perfect time for you to witness the sunset, feel the interference between day and night, and when the city lights up.

However, the price for drinks here is quite high, a minimum of 100,000 VND / glass. Rates on the menu are prices listed, exclusive of 10% VAT and 7% service charge.

5. Enjoy typical dishes and watch the sunset on the Emperor cruise

The cruise will go through Nha Trang Bay to give you the opportunity to admire the beauty of the sea when the sunset falls in the melodious music. In addition, you will be introduced to the lives of the locals, food, culture, and history of Vietnam.

Emperor Cruise is one of the most famous cruises here, specially designed in the style of Emperor Bao Dai – the last king in the feudal dynasties of Vietnam.

Dining out with friends, chatting on the cruise and watching the sunset on Nha Trang Bay will be an unforgettable memory for you.

6. Visiting Nha Trang Cathedral in the evening

In addition to the official name, Nha Trang people often call with simple names such as Stone Church, Mountain Church or Nga Sau Church. From a distance, the church is like an ancient Roman castle. The church is one of the unique architectural features of French style, built completely in the style of Gothic architecture.

If you go to the Cathedral at night, you will see the image of the church shimmering with lights. The church is a beautiful space loved by most visitors, photographers, and videographers. Couples often choose this place to take wedding photos.

The unique feature of the church is the set of copper bells hanging on the bell tower, above which is attached to a large clock, with 4 faces facing in 4 directions.

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