Bao Dai Library

Bao Dai had his own library which operated from 1923 to early 1947 when the French reoccupied the imperial city of Hue.

The Bao Dai Library collected and stored almost all the royal books and precious documents of the previous emperors. This library is very rich in information and allows readers to understand the grandeur of the last dynasty in Vietnam, and today travelers can visit this when they are in Hue.

Sometimes, the best room at a hotel or cruise isn’t a commodious suite or a welcoming bar—it’s the library. Not just for bibliophiles, the Bao Dai library aboard Emperor Cruises defines our destination, serving as the cultural and intellectual heart of our artful cruise.

Inspired by this royal museum, Emperor Cruises has its very own Bao Dai Library located on the upper deck, adjacent to the Heritage Spa, which is well stocked and exceedingly comfortable being a perfect setting for reading and relaxing.

Curl up in a plush leather chair with a classic novel such as l’Amant, a history book of the Nguyen dynasty or the Dragon of Annam. As you sip a cup of coffee or tea in a very relaxing setting reminiscent of colonial times, reading about the history of Vietnam, you will

be transported back in time.

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You can even play chess or other popular board games. DVDs are also available for guests who wish to watch a movie in the privacy of their suite. Keep reading to discover your cruise hideaway to while away the day with a tipple and a tome.