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Lux Gallery


To dig deeper into the concept of ‘experiential travel,’ it’s how life feels in these destinations. The five senses are most heightened when you open your eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hands in a new place. Emperor Cruises is not just a junk boat, our artful cruise is a destination in itself and a sanctuary for the senses.

Open your heart – Feel it and love it! Seeing is believing while cruising in to one of the world biggest natural masterpieces at Bai Tu Long Bay. Here, you can see some of our art collection from one of the most famous artists in the country, Pham Luc. On request, our team is more than happy to provide you a guided art tour aboard and present you “Lux Gallery” on the Panorama.

Halong is rich in culture, history and heritage, and is a true natural wonder. With a vibrant, dynamic and endlessly fascinating culture, Vietnam’s Halong is a travel destination worth discovering beyond the highlights, the limestone islands and emerald water, a must-see destination on the list of all travelers to Vietnam.

Within the sensory cacophony of the northern region’s cities, hidden temples, rivers, streams, fish markets, Poem Mountain or off-the-beaten-path Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam’s most unforgettable cruising experiences are waiting in the most unlikely of places.

The paintings displayed on the boat take you into this heart of authentic Vietnam, where extraordinary connections and cultural discovery are intertwined with the stories, smiles and loves shared with the locals. You do not just cruise through the bay, you will learn more about real local life through these paintings.

A dizzying mosaic of sights, sounds and smells, Vietnam’s Halong is a destination at once sprinting into the 21st Century and steadfastly rooted in its long-held traditions and heritages.

Discover the stories of this fascinating and legendary land through the people that know it by heart. With us, we help to create better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit. You will be inspired by the vibrant life right through the window of the cruise, exceptional works of local arts, and maritime history to be discovered in towns and villages.

This Lux Gallery on Emperor Cruises is to introduce the theme of local life in Halong and the Quang Ninh Province, in different mediums and the various paintings styles of artist Pham Luc In this collection, you are able to admire some artworks on paper, signed and dated back to 1965 when the artist was 20 years old.

From the mountainous areas of the highland of the Tonkin Gulf, you will meet a Dao ethnic minority girl in her best new tradition cloth at the weekend market, farmers at the rice field, and children with a kate fly on their water buffalos, other scenes depict chatty local fisherman, a mother and her kids going to the market, and the landscape of Halong Bay with traditional junks red sails in distance.

More than half of my private collection from Pham Luc is about women. And for Pham Luc, women are his endless inspiration. His works about women are created in various materials at different periods of time; nevertheless, all of them carry genuine and refined emotion, sometimes daring, sometimes trembling, sometimes reverential and often endearing.

In this floating exhibit, you can view a family of fisherman preparing their fishing nets for a new sea voyage, a mother and her kid fishing on her traditional fishing sampan, fish sellers in Halong’s buzzing morning markets or Halong’s charming floating villages and landscapes.

Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Live the high life on the high seas in this enjoyable cruising experience. With a glass of wine in hand, get a taste the local life in Pham Luc’s artworks and create your own memories in in this unique place.

Local life is always lively out there on this natural masterpiece painted by the Gods in the mediums of stone and water. Here you have a sense of the place, and are not simply just cruising through it. As Edwin P. Hubble said, “Equipped with his seven senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science.”

We aspire to bring our Royal Class experience into your life

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