Over Night Cruises in Bai Tu Long Bay

All 10 cabins are en-suites with private balconies, panoramic ocean views and a personal butler service. The Emperor Cruises fleet is designed to be a sanctuary that ensures each and every moment counts for guests in Ha Long Bay – a must-see on the travel itinerary of all visitors to Vietnam.

Inspired by the lavish lifestyle of Emperor Bao Dai, the last Emperor of Vietnam, this masterpiece is designed to reflect the style of the 1930s, and be a haven for the most sophisticated travelers to enjoy Vietnamese culture, history and gourmet cuisine. The cruise is where royal glamour and heritage will combine to create the epitome of elegance and aristocracy. Each guest will be treated like an emperor and experience the best of the best, in privacy, and with every tiny detail attended to.

Emperor Cruises (www.emperorcruiseshalong.com) has been built as a traditional ship using the highest quality materials, and finished with exquisite gold-plated motifs, fine silk, velvet and other luxury accoutrements such as brass, crystal and gem stones. Works of art commissioned from well-known Vietnamese artists adorn the walls, and everything is designed in accordance with the specific requirements and preferences of the individual traveler in mind. The private butler and reception services will be available around the clock.

Food fit for an Emperor –  Emperor Cruises Halong has crafted a culinary treat for the most discerning of palettes at the Can Chanh Palace Royal Restaurant, and promises that every guest’s dining experience will exceed expectations. The cuisine is always freshly prepared using the best local ingredients, with an emphasis on seafood. Each overnight trip includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, and with every meal on board, guests are treated to a rich selection of complimentary local beers, spirits, and distinctive wines chosen by the acclaimed sommeliers. Barbecues and private dinners on the beach or at secluded caves are also available. Guests can choose to dine in their suites, on the sundecks, or anywhere that takes their fancy.

With Emperor Cruises, luxury doesn’t mean that there won’t be adventure! Guests spend their time spotting local wildlife, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, embracing Mother Nature, and passing the time with their fellow passengers and crew. Emperor Cruises provides daily luxury return transfers by Mercedes Benz limousine to and from Hanoi. Upon request, The Emperor Cruises team can arrange private charter airplanes, helicopters or sea-planes to Halong Bay.

Our cruises operate in Bai Tu Long Bay on a daily basis for the day cruise, with sheduled one or 2 night programs such as ‘Emperor Discovery’, ‘Emperor Experience’ and ‘Emperor Hideaway’. Whether you choose the day trip or overnight option, we ensure your experiences are exclusive, all inclusive, intimate, memorable and safe. Party booze cruises and private charters for leisure and professionals are available upon request.” Said Kevin Nguyen, Sales and Marketing Manager of Emperor Cruises.

The boats are available for FITs, GITS, and Charters. We recommend this special experience for repeat travelers to Ha Long Bay who are seeking something different, exotic and out of the ordinary. Our cruising experiences are highly recommended for seasoned leisure travelers, luxury adventurers, honeymooners, families, special interest travelers, fine arts lovers, nature lovers, active travelers, photographers, groups of friends, VIP’s and celebrities.

Emperor Cruises has announced the launch of a sophisticated new booking website, which will go live on 15th June 2016 (www.emperorcruiseshalong.com )

About Emperor Cruises Halong Bay

Emperor Cruises promises an extraordinary all-inclusive experience. The newly built, custom-designed traditional junk cruise features three decks that house an open restaurant, two lounge bars and clubs, a small library, internet café, two Jacuzzis, saunas, two massage rooms, a kids’ club and a gymnasium to service the 8 luxurious en-suite cabins with ocean views and private balconies.

Why Emperor Cruises

With a totally different concept in Halong Bay, we are a true luxury innovator in cruising. With a service-oriented team, we offer luxury experiential travel on an exclusively designed boat, on an all-inclusive basis with ultra-personalized service. All 8 cabins are suites with private balconies, ocean views from absolutely everywhere, and butler service. The Emperor Cruises fleet is designed to be a sanctuary to ensure that every moment counts for our guests.

Inspired by the lavish lifestyle of Emperor Bao Dai, the last Emperor of Vietnam, this masterpiece is designed to reflect the style of the 1930s, a place for the most sophisticated travelers to enjoy Vietnamese culture, history and gourmet cuisine, and where royal glamour and heritage will combine to create the epitome of elegance. Each guest will be treated like an emperor and experience the best of the best, in privacy, and with every detail attended to.

The benefit of a luxury cruise with Emperor Cruises is that, apart from being small boats with personalized service and outstanding facilities on an all-inclusive basis, often there is no bill to pay at the end whether on a two- or three-day cruise. Experience the first luxury all-inclusive cruises with butler and limo services in Ha Long Bay, a must-see on the list of all travelers to Vietnam.

Responsible Cruising

It’s all about attitude!

The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, generating revenue and creating jobs in many countries, and opening the world to new generations of travelers. However, the impact of tourism, particularly at popular destinations such as Halong and Bai Tu Long Bay, is not exclusively positive.

Our aim is to create the better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit. Since the founding of our cruise company, we have had a clear vision of helping people to appreciate the unique beauty of Halong Bay and Nha Trang Bay with Emperor Cruises, and have firmly adhered to responsible practices on our cruises.

One of the most worrying effects of poor tourism practices is the impact on the environment. As a result, the principles of sustainable tourism and responsible cruising are drawing increasing attention around the world. We commit to moral and just practices throughout the organization, hire locally and try to improve local economic growth.

Within the travel industry, the cruise industry is particularly reliant on an undisturbed natural environment to create memorable experiences. Protecting natural resources and making cruise operations within the marine environment truly sustainable are vital survival points for the industry.

We deeply understand this point and turn it into daily action for life underwater and on land. We never pollute our oceans and rivers, and our team collects rubbish when boating and kayaking, along with tidying the beaches and islands that we visit on excursions.

Our Emperor Cruises fleet policies apply sustainable practices and operate modern sewage treatment and waste management systems, as well as making efforts to address water pollution issues.

Especially, all solid waste on our boats is classified and transferred to waste stations on land for treatment. All processes are strictly compliant with the relevant standards of the local authorities.

Moreover, we believe the concept of “Sustainable Tourism” includes creating “Green” daily routines and giving back to the community. We have set up a number of partnerships to achieve our responsible development goals, by working with NGO’s to protect the environment, national parks, and wildlife. Furthermore, we clean the trails, islands, and beaches where we operate kayaking and swimming. We actively work hard to deal with climate change, improve clean water and sanitation, poverty reduction, gender equality, and education.

We are building a better life for our team on the cruises day by day. Our team and crew members do their best to apply sustainable practices in all their daily routines, such as: limiting the use of plastic bags, avoiding unnecessary paper use, saving energy and conserving water.

We also create and run training courses that encourage local people to adopt environmentally sustainable practices in daily life, and encourage local businesses to give back to the community. We address sustainable travel through the “five P’s”: people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnerships.

In brief

Our aim is to create the better place for people to live in and more beautiful places for people to visit.

  • Attitude:Responsible cruising is all about attitude, and the Emperor Cruise’s staff are passionately committed to socially responsible travel through education, and by reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable building materials:Built using sustainable materials, the structure of the cruise ship is designed to maximize natural light and airflow, and to reduce the need for air-conditioning.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycleis our responsible policy. We provide reusable water bottles and reuse your towels and linen.
  • Emperor Cruises operates sustainably, creates jobs, employs local people, promotes local culture and products and supports a project to protect marine life in Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay.
  • Emperor Cruises cleans all trailsused for trekking along with the islands and beaches on the 5th of every month so that guests can enjoy the pristine beaches and coves in our operating areas. We conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development through the sustainable management of tourism on and in the oceans.
  • Cruise with purpose:Cruise with us to create a better bay for people to live in and a better place for travelers to visit. We save fresh water and our planet. Organic waste is transferred to be recycled into biogas. With our responsible policies, we aim to keep the bay clean and healthy for future generations to enjoy!

The All-inclusive Emperor Cruises Experience

What is included:

  • FREE waiting lounge in harbor
  • FREE tender from mainland to ship
  • FREE butler service and around-the-clock service
  • FREE tour guide service for unlimited exploration
  • FREE tai chi and unlimited use of spa
  • FREE cookery demonstration
  • FREE unlimited beach activities such as kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving, glass-bottomed boat, squid fishing
  • FREE beverages including wines, beer and premium spirits, soft drinks, bottled water and specialty coffee and tea served throughout the ship
  • FREE mini-bar replenished daily with soft drinks, beer and bottled water
  • FREE 24-hour room service with no additional charges
  • FREE pre-paid gratuities
  • FREE upgrade to higher category accommodation or transportation (subject to availability)
  • FREE bank charges if paying by credit card

Emperor Cruises is positioning itself as a luxury cruising experience with butler service on a traditional Vietnamese ship where royal glamour, history and heritage provide the right blend of service, luxury, unique travel experience and quiet efficiency.

Emperor Cruises really is the epitome of luxury but in an understated way. They are locally acclaimed for all-round excellence and unparalleled levels of service ensuring their outstanding reputation.

We are an award-winning specialist cruise operator, a market leader in providing luxury travel services, and have been established in this extraordinary part of the world since early 1990, in world-famous Halong Bay.

Acclaimed as the first luxury cruise company in Vietnam, we now bring our cruising expertise to Nha Trang Bay to ensure a once-in-a-life time cruising experience.

Emperor Cruises is proud of their highly motivated and well-trained staff, who provide attentive, personalized and warm service. We have an experienced Western director on board to ensure our guests enjoy every single moment.

Emperor Cruises has a fleet of vessels that combine classic beauty with modern comfort. Measuring 58m in length, 12m in wide, this newly built, custom-designed traditional imperial vessel features three decks that house an elegant restaurant, two bars, a small library, two sauna and massage rooms plus 8 luxurious sleeping en-suite cabins.’

Distinctive features:

– Luxury boutique cruise ship with 16 people, maximum capacity of 24 guests
– All-suite accommodation, all with private balconies and ocean views
– Gourmet Restaurant
– Butler service in King and Queen Suites
– Wellness and Spa service
– Wireless internet access throughout the ship
– Interactive flat screen smart television in each suite with extensive media library and complimentary movies-on-demand.

Extraordinary value

Emperor Cruises offers enormous value in luxury travel. Emperor Cruises refines the luxury travel experience, while redefining all-inclusive value. With all the generous savings and world-class bespoke and unique amenities now included, luxury cruising has never been so affordable and so gratifying.

Top ten reasons to book Emperor Cruises

1. Be among the first guests on Vietnam’s first ever all-inclusive cruises
2. Free ground transfers between airport and ship in a Mercedes Benz
3. Free unlimited spa, activities and exploration
4. A true, all-inclusive luxury experience, free beverages including fine wines, beer and premium spirits, soft drinks, bottled
water, specialty coffee and tea served throughout the ship
5. Guests can dine whenever and wherever they choose
6. A newly built luxury cruise fleet, with all the latest safety features
7. Vietnam’s first all-suite cruises with private balconies
8. 24-hour room service option
9. Pre-paid tips and gratuities
10. Butler service for a worry-free holiday

Our Core Values in brief

Experience every moment – With our slogan we promise a memorable experience and our staff are committed to ensuring that your clients enjoy every single moment on board, from the CEO through to the butler and limo driver. Emperor Cruises “Luxury Experience” represents our core value – delivering the highest standards of excellence from start to finish.

Cruising Expertise – You benefit from the expertise of the first luxury cruise operator in world-famous Halong Bay with over 20 years’ experience in the cruise industry. Emperor Cruises handle all aspects of our on-board operation— nautical, hospitality, activities and culinary. On our luxury cruises there are only 16 passengers on board. Such small and boutique boats means they can slip into less visited and remotes places in the bay.

Royal Butler Service – Every detail is taken into consideration. “No request is too large, no detail too small” is the credo of the Emperor Cruises staff, who go above and beyond to create an extraordinary experience for our discerning guests.

Uniquely designed luxurious ships – Emperor Cruises’ one-of-a-kind, exquisitely appointed boutique cruise ships are each a work of art and as inspiring as the destinations they visit.

Culinary experience – Emperor Cruises has crafted a culinary treat for the most discerning of palettes to ensure every guests’ dining experience exceeds their expectations at the Can Chanh Restaurant. The cuisine is always freshly prepared, using the best local ingredients, with an emphasis on seafood. Each overnight trip includes a brunch breakfast, lunch and dinner. With every meal on board, guests are treated to a rich selection of complimentary local beers, spirits, and distinctive wines chosen by our acclaimed sommeliers. Barbecues and private dinners on the beach are available upon request.

Unique cruise itineraries with memorable experiences – We design cruise itineraries to show the best Bai Tu Long Bay has to offer. Guests can choose between kayaking, basket boating, snorkeling, hiking and trekking or can do absolutely nothing, just relaxing and enjoying the special facilities on board.

Truly all-inclusive cruising experience – Emperor Cruises is the first truly all-inclusive Vietnamese cruise, perfectly planned to create the ultimate, stress-free, luxury cruise experience in Halong Bay. We create the memories to last a lifetime.

Luxury Cruises: Take a top luxury hotel, include gourmet food, superb wine, drinks and personal service, then add daily exploration and activities – this is a luxury cruise and now it is available in Nha Trang Bay.

A luxury cruise is just what the name implies, but this is uber-luxurious, not just luxury but an exceptional cruising experience.

Only a handful of companies offer such exclusive cruising, the ultimate experience in a luxury ship exploring one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world, Vietnam’s most visited destination, in style with sumptuously appointed staterooms and public areas and thoughtful personal butler service.

The ship oozes style both inside and out and travelers can admire artworks from famous artists in Vietnam. The ship is tastefully decorated with hand-made objets d’art made from gold, silver, bronze and jade.

But it is not all about the vessel; it is all about the experience. Our boat has its own distinctive character with a wealth of top-class facilities, butler service and 24-hour reception to provide a superlative experience, a memory which will stay with your clients for a lifetime.

The all-inclusive price includes beverages, visits, shore excursions, beach activities and specialty dining, making Emperor Cruises exceptional value.

Safety Instruction

Our guests’ safety is our priority and our registered boat is actually safest technically in Halong Bay! All boats features the following safety amenities to ensure the safest possible cruise in Halong Bay

– SB Standard, our boat can cruise in the bay, river and ocean.
– Safety instruction given by the Experiences Manager upon boarding
– Life jackets in all cabins and public areas
– Life buoys / Life rafts
– Tender
– Leakage alarm system
– COM system
– Radar
– Fire safety system
– Dead bolt in rooms
– Sprinkler in room
– Smoke alarm in room
– Audible smoke alarms
– 24-hour security staff
– Regular safety inspections
– Break glass emergency phone
– Smoke extractors in corridors
– Video camera at entrance
– Video surveillance in hallways
– Doors can be forced open
– Emergency lighting at emergency exits
– Complies with Htl Safety Act 1990
– Loudspeaker system
– Exterior video surveillance
– Emergency electric generator
– Visual alarm for common areas
– Smoke alarm in public areas
– Emergency plan in cabin
– Compliance to national safety regulations

Cabin Amenities

– Individually adjustable air conditioning
– En-suite bathrooms
– Hair dryer
– Phone (linked with Reception)
– Complimentary toiletries
– Slippers
– Bath linen
– Personal safe
– Complimentary mineral water
– Wardrobe
– Life jackets
– Fire Extinguisher
– Emergency Hammers

Emperor Suites

– Number of cabins: 8
– Cabin Location: 1st deck
– Average room size: 28m²
– Bed Type: Double/Twin Beds
– Maximum number of people allowed: 2 adults + 1 child under 12 years old (extra bed)
– Additional amenities & services: 80cm LCD screen, DVD player, Mini-bar, Jacuzzi bathtub, Bathrobes


– 24-hour reception
– 24-hour security
– Spa services
– 24-hour bar and room service
– Newspapers and magazines
– Souvenir boutique
– Languages spoken: English, Vietnamese

Activities on Board

– Tai chi demonstration
– Cookery demonstration
– Tea and coffee demonstration, teaching the Vietnamese traditional art of making and drinking tea and coffee
– Local specialty tasting
– Kayaking
– Boating
– Walking
– Hiking
– Beach activities
– Visits
– Exploration
– Swimming
– Snorkeling and scuba diving,
– Squid fishing
– Movie nights
– Library