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Vietnam’s first ever all-inclusive cruises in Halong Bay

Experience every moment!

Emperor Cruises introduces the first ever exclusive all-inclusive Vietnamese cruise experience, a world where everything is included in the price.

Our personal service on board our elegant ships will exceed your clients’ expectations, allowing them to indulge themselves as they explore Halong Bay and Nha Trang Bay in comfort and style.

They can expect the utmost in luxury and top-notch service. Emperor Cruises promises an extraordinary all-inclusive experience.

Emperor Cruises Co., Ltd is a new joint venture business between a luxury travel expert in Hanoi and a cruise expert in Halong Bay, creating the first luxury cruise operator offering luxury experiential travel in Nha Trang Bay and Halong Bay.

The Emperor Cruises fleet includes a junk cruise boat  for day cruises around Nha Trang Bay as well as sunset cocktails and dinner cruises.

Emperor Cruises will also launch its overnight luxury cruise ship by the end of 2016 in the bay, the first in a total of five ships in this particular project, with each one designed to be a sanctuary where every moment counts for our guests.

Emperor Cruises’ fleet of vessels will combine classic elegance with modern comfort. The newly built, custom-designed, traditional imperial cruise ship will feature three decks that house  02 smart restaurants, two bars, a small library, a gym, a kid corner, 02 massage rooms plus 10 luxurious en-suite cabins with private balconies.

Experience every moment: With this slogan we promise a memorable experience and our staff are committed to ensuring that your clients enjoy every single moment on board, from the CEO through to the butler and limo driver. Emperor Cruises “Luxury Experience” represents our core value – delivering the highest standards of excellence from start to finish.

Our cruises operate in Bai Tu Long Bay on a daily basis for the day cruise, with sheduled one or 2 night programs such as ‘Emperor Discovery’, ‘Emperor Experience’ and ‘Emperor Hideaway’. Whether you choose the day trip or overnight option, we ensure your experiences are exclusive, all inclusive, intimate, memorable and safe. Party booze cruises and private charters for leisure and professionals are available upon request.

Our junks and cruise ships are available for FITs, GITS, and charters. We recommend this unique experience for seasoned leisure travelers, luxury adventurers, honeymooners, sophisticated families, special interest travelers, nature lovers, active travelers, photographers, groups of friends, VIPs and celebrities.

Our mission is to truly delight travelers with a memorable luxury all-inclusive cruising experience with butler service, blending Vietnamese traditions with historic royal links to create the highest standards of hospitality and unequalled customer service.

We are developing a fleet of five tylish boutique all-inclusive junks and ships in Nha Trang Bay for day tours, sunset cocktail and dinner and overnight cruises, ranging 10 en-suite cabins with king- and queen-sized beds and butler service.

The fleet will increase to ten boats in total and we will become the only boutique cruise operator providing top-notch services for private charters for small groups, FITs and Incentive groups.

The Emperor Cruises brand will not only cruise around Nha Trang Bay initially, but will extend its operation to world-famous Ha Long Bay, before becoming the first cruise operator to set sail from north to south in Vietnamese waters as well as expanding its fleet into the Mekong Delta, Cambodia and Myanmar.

We put our customers first in everything we do. Our own people are always our top priority, creating a cohesive team, and as a result they always exceed the expectations of our customers. Education and continuous innovation are the lifeblood of Emperor Cruises, supporting each team member to achieve the highest standards. We respect each other and welcome individual differences so that each person can contribute their unique ideas and skills to the organization. Emperor Cruises is a company filled with honesty, dedication, friendship, pride and peak professional performance in a dynamic and rewarding work environment. We work together to achieve our goals and lead the luxury cruise industry in Vietnam and the region. We create ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers and through hard work we create profits and growth for all.

Luxury cruising is experiential and personal

Escape on a holiday where luxury is experiential and personal. Luxury cruising is all about our guests. We have built special vessels in a special place for special people and we create special memories for our guests in in Ha Long Bay, a must-see on the list of all travelers to Vietnam.

For experienced travelers, the boat is a discovery in itself. Emperor Cruises and its stylish interiors are inspired by original designs dating from the 1930s, Each suite has a specific design with a story to tell, maximizing comfort and the use of daylight. Travelerswill relish spending time on our floating classic luxury hotel, using it as a base to escape to nature, the sea, beach and islands and take part in activities on board and on the water as they cruise around the bay.

The Emperor Cruises fleet is designed to be a sanctuary to ensure that every moment counts for the guests with limo and butler services. Emperor Cruises’ fleet of vessels combines classic elegance with modern comfort and promises an extraordinary all-inclusive experience.

The benefit of a luxury cruise with Emperor Cruises is that, apart from being small boats with personalized service and outstanding facilities on an all-inclusive basis, often there is no bill to pay at the end whether on a day or overnight cruise.

Emperor Cruises is the perfect blend of a modern 5-star luxurious experience with soft adventure. Exclusive, intimate cruising, ultimate luxury and unique encounters for the most discerning travellers ensuring they can enjoy every precious moment in Halong Bay.

Our staff have been highly trained to attend to guests every need and desire and they take great pride in providing a personal service that really sets them apart. Their goal is to provide exemplary personal service day and night, ensuring that guests’ wishes are satisfied completely.

With us, we understand our customers’ needs and we care for them. Our guests are discerning travellers and VVIP who can expect complete privacy and confidentiality with options such as a private romantic dinner on the beach, or on the balcony of their suite, if desired. With little touches such as Swiss chocolates, special tea and coffee and favourite movies in their suite, everything will be done to make sure every moment counts.

In the King and Queen suites, butler service is included. It is the ultimate prerequisite for individualized attention. Highly trained and profoundly committed to fulfilling guests wishes, butlers are the ultimate indulgence, usually reserved for the privileged few.

Inspiration for Emperor Cruises came from the recreational activities of Emperor Bao Dai when he used to stay in his villas in Nha Trang. He took great pleasure in sailing in Nha Trang Bay to go fishing around the offshore islands.

Almost a half century later, Emperor Cruises have recreated his vessel, using inspirational designs, and still fit for an emperor in both Nha Trang and Halong Bay. The project was started in 2014 and the first sailing is expected to be in the summer of 2015 and the overnight Emperor Cruises to set sails in September 2016 with 10 all suite cabins.

The cruise fleet will accommodate up to 150 guests in five unique boats within five years in the initial stage and then the joint-venture company will develop a fleet of ten boats carrying from 300 to 500 passengers cruising the bay on a daily basis.

  • We run daily set departure and guaranteed departure day cruises and two day/one night all-inclusive cruises
  • Design customized travel services for leisure and business travelers, as well as group tours in Halong.
  • Individually design cruising programs and activities for special interest travelers, honeymooners, sophisticated families, foodies, spa and yoga enthusiasts, scuba divers, and many others
  • Special Gala Dinner
  • Service meetings, incentive programs, conferences and exhibitions
  • Operate our own fleet of air-conditioned vehicles ranging from standard cars to 16-seat Mercedes Benz luxury vans and full-sized coaches
  • Provide access to luxury trains, private yachts, jets, helicopters and seaplanes.
  • We organize the whole experience from airport to airport.
  • We can arrange pick-up and drop-off services from arrival to departure day.\
  • Upon request, we arrange VIP meet and greet at the airport with our luxury limousine service.
  • We can make hotel and resort reservations pre and post cruise.
  • We offer private city tours, sightseeing and excursions with experienced tour guides in a variety of languages.
  • We can arrange animator, MC, or lecturer upon request.
  • We provide butler service on board and a Western Experiences Manager to ensure 100% satisfaction for our guests, so no tour guides are needed on board, unless particularly requested.
  • We provide quotations and confirm all bookings within 24 hours.
  • All clients have 24/7 support on the ground and a dedicated staff member from arrival to departure in Hanoi and Halong
  • We have a 24-hour dedicated hotline for our clients in country.
  • Our team speaks English and Vietnamese on board and the sales and marketing team speak English, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish.
  • We attend most of the major trade shows around the world in order to meet you. We have representative offices in California, London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Sao Paolo, Barcelona, and Brisbane.

A childhood dream

As a teenager, Pham Ha, the co-founder of Emperor Cruises, cruised from Hai Phong City to Ho Chi Minh City just a few years after the unification of South and North Vietnam. A dream come true. Even then he had a plan to build his own cruise ships, to have his own fleet, so he could share his passion for his country.

He fell in love at first sight with Halong Bay in 1995 and came to know every single island, sometimes spending a week camping on the isolated beaches and exploring remote islands by kayak.

In 1997 he took a film crew there for 2 months to make the ‘Vertical Ray of the Sun’, a film by the famous director, Tran Anh Hung, which was filmed in Cua Van Floating Village, in Halong Bay.

He was fortunate enough to meet Bui Duc Long, the owner of the first luxury junk cruise company in Halong Bay, and together they share a passion for luxurious, quality cruises.

As a result they established a joint venture to promote ultra-luxurious cruising in Nha Trang Bay and Halong Bay initially and later longer trips from north to south.

The partnership is ideal as Long is a local expert in cruising on Halong Bay and travel guru, Pham Ha, is recognized internationally in the tourism business and knows the market well.

To choose a name to reflect the style of the ships, Pham Ha and Bui Duc Long undertook some research and found that the last Emperor Bao Dai of the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty had villas in Nha Trang and sailed the waters of the bay in the best available boats, fishing and enjoying beach holidays with his family.

Almost a century later your clients can embark on a voyage through time on an Emperor Cruises ship – a vessel recreated from inspired interior designs and with impeccable service fit for a great emperor.
And all because of Pham Ha’s childhood dream.

Responsible Cruising

It’s all about attitude!

The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, generating revenue and creating jobs in many countries, and opening the world to new generations of travelers. However, the impact of tourism, particularly at popular destinations such as Halong and Bai Tu Long Bay, is not exclusively positive.

Our aim is to create the better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit. Since the founding of our cruise company, we have had a clear vision of helping people to appreciate the unique beauty of Halong Bay and Nha Trang Bay with Emperor Cruises, and have firmly adhered to responsible practices on our cruises.

One of the most worrying effects of poor tourism practices is the impact on the environment. As a result, the principles of sustainable tourism and responsible cruising are drawing increasing attention around the world. We commit to moral and just practices throughout the organization, hire locally and try to improve local economic growth.

Within the travel industry, the cruise industry is particularly reliant on an undisturbed natural environment to create memorable experiences. Protecting natural resources and making cruise operations within the marine environment truly sustainable are vital survival points for the industry.

We deeply understand this point and turn it into daily action for life underwater and on land. We never pollute our oceans and rivers, and our team collects rubbish when boating and kayaking, along with tidying the beaches and islands that we visit on excursions.

Our Emperor Cruises fleet policies apply sustainable practices and operate modern sewage treatment and waste management systems, as well as making efforts to address water pollution issues.

Especially, all solid waste on our boats is classified and transferred to waste stations on land for treatment. All processes are strictly compliant with the relevant standards of the local authorities.

Moreover, we believe the concept of “Sustainable Tourism” includes creating “Green” daily routines and giving back to the community. We have set up a number of partnerships to achieve our responsible development goals, by working with NGO’s to protect the environment, national parks, and wildlife. Furthermore, we clean the trails, islands, and beaches where we operate kayaking and swimming. We actively work hard to deal with climate change, improve clean water and sanitation, poverty reduction, gender equality, and education.

We are building a better life for our team on the cruises day by day. Our team and crew members do their best to apply sustainable practices in all their daily routines, such as: limiting the use of plastic bags, avoiding unnecessary paper use, saving energy and conserving water.

We also create and run training courses that encourage local people to adopt environmentally sustainable practices in daily life, and encourage local businesses to give back to the community. We address sustainable travel through the “five P’s”: people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnerships.

In brief

Our aim is to create the better place for people to live in and more beautiful places for people to visit.

  • Attitude:Responsible cruising is all about attitude, and the Emperor Cruise’s staff are passionately committed to socially responsible travel through education, and by reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable building materials:Built using sustainable materials, the structure of the cruise ship is designed to maximize natural light and airflow, and to reduce the need for air-conditioning.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycleis our responsible policy. We provide reusable water bottles and reuse your towels and linen.
  • Emperor Cruises operates sustainably, creates jobs, employs local people, promotes local culture and products and supports a project to protect marine life in Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay.
  • Emperor Cruises cleans all trailsused for trekking along with the islands and beaches on the 5th of every month so that guests can enjoy the pristine beaches and coves in our operating areas. We conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development through the sustainable management of tourism on and in the oceans.
  • Cruise with purpose:Cruise with us to create a better bay for people to live in and a better place for travelers to visit. We save fresh water and our planet. Organic waste is transferred to be recycled into biogas. With our responsible policies, we aim to keep the bay clean and healthy for future generations to enjoy!


Halong Bay is one of the New Wonders of the World and tourists flock to sail its karst-dotted waters. However, a few miles away there’s another bay – just as beautiful but minus the crowds.

The Emperor Cruise was inspired by the lavish lifestyle of Emperor Bao Dai, Vietnam’s last monarch. Built in the style of the 1930’s, each suite features interesting stories of his life. There are 8 en-suite cabins with a private balcony, ocean views, a butler service and a limousine.

Cruising artfully, Emperor Cruises aims to bring a truly all-inclusive cruising experience, enjoying every single moment on board, where you are treated like kings and queens with exquisite cuisine, 24-hour room service and an interesting itinerary featuring many fun activities.

Moreover, you can choose to dine whenever and wherever you wish. There are unlimited free massage and sauna services, food and beverages, and no bill to pay at the end.

  • We run daily set departure and guaranteed departure day cruises and two day/one night all-inclusive cruises
  • Design customized travel services for leisure and business travelers, as well as group tours in Halong.
  • Individually design cruising programs and activities for special interest travelers, honeymooners, sophisticated families, foodies, spa and yoga enthusiasts, scuba divers, and many others
  • Special Gala Dinner
  • Service meetings, incentive programs, conferences and exhibitions
  • Operate our own fleet of air-conditioned vehicles ranging from standard cars to 16-seat Mercedes Benz luxury vans and full-sized coaches
  • Provide access to luxury trains, private yachts, jets, helicopters and seaplanes.


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