Enjoy the quintessence of royal cuisine on a historic cruise in the sea of ​​Phu Quoc to awaken the senses.

Coming to Phu Quoc, holidaymakers not only enjoy sea and island tourism but also enjoy unique and rich Phu Quoc cuisine. It’s at once pleasing to the eye and delicious, as well as nutritious, fresh, rich in ingredients, and interesting for the way people cook it.

Phu Quoc cuisine is a powerful magnet that makes seafood lovers sing its praises forever. Truth be told, Phu Quoc cuisine is so diverse and rich that it is impossible to list. Many travelers make a top 32 delicious dishes that must be enjoyed when they have the opportunity to come to the island city of Phu Quoc. From high-end restaurant dishes to street stall food at Duong Dong market, you will not be disappointed.

As a famous land called Pearl Island, dishes made from products of Phu Quoc’s sea are valuable culinary tourism resources. Phu Quoc is surrounded by ocean currents from the Gulf of Thailand, with favorable natural conditions for aquatic resources and seafood. Phu Quoc is famous for its fresh seafood specialties such as crab, squid, anchovies, tiger shrimp, mackerel, herring, sea cucumber, walrus… fresh seafood prepared with locally available ingredients. All are more blended and rich thanks to the typical regional cuisine style suitable for both international and Vietnamese guests.

Most of the dishes on the island are prepared with local ingredients from seafood and typical spices such as fish sauce and Phu Quoc pepper, making a very typical dish of the region and receiving the culinary quintessence to create a unique taste with a delicate blend. In the process of acculturation, the people of Phu Quoc have distilled and kept for themselves the unique culinary flavors that are hard to be confused with other lands. This is the difference that tourists want to find when coming to Phu Quoc.

When researching food and culinary culture with leading culinary experts in Vietnam, we found that Phu Quoc’s sea cuisine has remarkable features such as fresh and healthy ingredients, delicious recipes, fast processing, and reasonable price. Due to the delicate processing and fresh local ingredients, Phu Quoc’s sea cuisine has an unmistakable taste. That is not to mention the personality of coastal residents with a simple, healthy and pure lifestyle, full of personality, which has created the characteristics of the coastal cuisine of Phu Quoc’s people.

This warm sea has many specialties, many dishes of the type were the 8 most delicious and rare dishes to advance to the Emperor such as abalone or sea cucumber. Phu Quoc has dishes and drinks made from the products of Phu Quoc’s sea so visitors can’t forget to enjoy them when coming here, dishes such as herring salad, mackerel cake soup, grilled shell còi biên mai etc. Stir-fried sea cucumber with vegetables, crab rice, grilled abalone with ginger garlic sauce, steamed scallop with ginger and lemongrass, sea-horse alcohol, sea cucumber wine.  Scallop

Preserve the culinary culture of Phu Quoc’s sea and restore the unique cultural imprint in sophisticated old processing methods, techniques for mixing sauces and spices, and the art of food presentation. We raise the bar for cuisine, turning local cuisine into fine dining, choosing delicious dishes and bowls, the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine. You see art, we see life.

We named it after the historic Can Chanh Palace where Emperor Bao Dai held a banquet to receive great guests in the ancient Forbidden City. Can Chanh Royal Palace aboard Emperor Cruises Legend Phu Quoc is for culinary connoisseurs to enjoy, in a cozy space of light, fine wine, and music that blends like a royal banquet. You are like distinguished guests, ambassadors, royal family members, and nobles at Can Chanh Palace, Hue citadel in Annam in the 1930s. A top-notch culinary experience floating on the sea. Enjoy every moment on this exclusive cruise in the sea of ​​Phu Quoc, a culinary experience to remember!