1945 Bar

All you can drink as you relax and have fun, at no additional charge

1945 was a milestone in the transformation of the life of the Emperor of Annam, as it was then he turned back into a regular citizen, Nguyen Phuc Vinh Thuy. Due to the coup d’etat by Japan against France, Emperor Bao Dai declared the independence of Vietnam from colonization by the French. During this tumultuous point in history, he became enchanted by the patriotism of Ho Chi Minh, and in 1945, he accepted the unification of its three regions to create a future of freedom, independence, and happiness for the Vietnamese people. Ho Chi Minh then took the presidency, and Bao Dai moved to Hanoi to work as his special advisor.

Toward the end of 1945, citizen Vinh Thuy fell in love with a northern girl, Mong Diep, breaking a promise of betrothal to Nam Phuong. He lived with Mong Diep in a French villa near the Red River. When you see the Paul Doumer Bridge, you may feel like you are in a Hanoi Bar in 1945, facing the Red River and bridge.

Inspired by the opulent lifestyle of the Emperor Bao Dai, every corner of this masterpiece, including 1945 Bar, tells a story. Boasting an area of 80m2, it is located on the lower deck and decorated in colonial Indochine style. It is an oasis on the Emperor Cruise Halong boat that is not to be missed while on board.

It combines a warm and friendly ambiance set against a backdrop of casual elegance. Evenings offer the sophisticated fun of a nightclub, where you can mingle over cocktails in a club-like piano bar or luxurious lounge.

Sophisticated in design, the nostalgia of old Hanoi is recreated from the time when Bao Dai was the advisor to President Ho Chi Minh. While there, he fell in love with Mong Diep, a 21-year-old highly acclaimed beauty, and dancer in Hanoi, who originated from the northern province of Bac Ninh.

Bao Dai was known as a ‘ladies’ man,’ very handsome and suave, and deeply attractive to many beautiful women who could not resist his romantic charms. Bao Dai particularly enjoyed frequenting discotheques, night clubs, and bars during his free time in Hanoi.

When he was emperor, he would splash out on a beautiful villa for his lover, but when he hit hard times at the end of his life in France, he lived on the generosity of his lover, the dancer Mong Diep. There are still many untold stories to regale about Bao Dai, and every corner of the Emperor Cruise tells a small part of his life.

The spacious 1945 is welcoming, with its wooden floors, intimate atmosphere, and classy features, each designed to enhance the cruising experience of our in-house guests. There is an extensive selection of wines, beers, cocktails, liquors and spirits available to enjoy in this laidback environment.

Our sommelier can help to select a wine to accompany lunch or dinner upon request. Guests can opt for an intimate dining experience with the wine of their choice while being entertained by our talented pianist. The small stage can also be converted to a theater, cinema or karaoke room for an unforgettable evening of fun.

1945 is perfect for a small group event, special celebration, or simply to relax on the comfortable sofas with a drink, contemplating life to the sound of our musicians. Moreover, whatever you choose to drink, remember there is no additional charge!