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Special experience!

"Let come and you will get another view of Nha Trang by Emperor Cruise and professional services there. Impressed!"

Kristine Nguyen from Nha Trang

An unforgetable trip on the Emperor Cruise!

"It was the first time that I travelled on such a very luxury cruise. All the staff on the cruise were very professional and friendly. I was really interested in the scuba diving activity coz I could see the colorful coral reef and nice fish in the sea. The instructor for the diving was also very friendly. Besides, the lunch was so nice with very delicious seafood and unlimited drinks. Thanks to this trip, I also made friends with many nice and kind people on the cruise. So I really enjoyed the trip and I will recommend this cruise to my friends and everyone I know."

24 June 2015
David Doan from Nha Trang

Treated Like Royalty!
"Booking a day cruise in Nha Trang can be quite overwhelming for a tourist and I chose Emperor Cruises for it's all inclusive package as other companies have 'extras' that you have to pay along the way after booking the tour. We were not disappointed!

The company boasts about being the first 5 star service of its kind in Nha Trang - I would rate it a minimum 6 stars if I was able! The service we received was incredible with all staff going out of their way to ensure you are treated like royalty while you are on board.

The cruise is indeed all inclusive with a wide variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages available at all times. All island trips including snorkelling and diving are included and there was always a staff member on hand to assist you - even if it was to hold your towel.

The 10 course - yes 10 course lunch was magnificent and will leave you not needing dinner in the evening.

Special mention to Igor and Bach for their personalised service and ensuring our day was not one we would forget.

So if you really want to treat yourself to a day of luxury while in Nha Trang than ensure you chose Emperor Crusies - you will not regret it!"
22 June 2015
Samantha D

Great experience & Wonderful Staff!
"I was a great evening on Boat , The staff was very helpful & professional The food & drink was nice. Thank you Emperor Cruises for exceeding my expectations!! it so perfect & Luxurious. Don't hesitate! Emperor Cruises amazing!! Truly a terrific find! If you like to be in where it is all going on then it's a great place to comming. I will recommend to all friends come to this Emperor cruise"
17 June 2015
Autumn Le

Dịch vụ đẳng cấp 5 sao!
"Tôi đã được trải nghiệm Sunset Cocktail & Dinner Cruise. Đúng là dịch vụ đạt chuẩn 5 sao: xe đưa đón đúng giờ, nhân viên phục vụ niềm nở, chuyên nghiệp, bữa tối ngon...cảnh thành phố Nha Trang ban đêm tuyệt đẹp nhìn từ trên boong tàu này trong hành trình Sunset Tour. Chắc chắn tôi sẽ giới thiệu cho bạn bè xa gần nên book tour này khi đến Nha Trang."
19 June 2015
TheHung N

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