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Inspired by the simplicity and sophistication of Emperor Bao Dai's rule during the heyday of the Vietnamese empire in the province of Nha Trang, the logo symbolises the shape of the emperor's head dress which denotes power, authority, and dominance.

The red dot on top of the emperor's logo symbolizes contemporary Vietnamese culture as a whole, which is derived from its ancient traditions and popular beliefs and Vietnam's courage and strength throughout the imperial era.

Vietnamese believe that the Emperor is the son of Mr. Sky and the color red refers to the Emperor. The red dot is the SUN, the black of the logo is strong, clear and chic. The logo is symmetrical in shape, big and small, black and white, elegant and simple, all associated with the King’s image and the EMPEROR brand - high quality, limited, finest, best of the best.

The meaning behind the logo also symbolizes that our customers are king. We put our staff first and they take pride in treating our customers as KING and QUEEN. The shape of the logo is powerful and seductive, its fluid shape simple, timeless and nostalgic. Our logo is easy to remember and understand. The “wow” is when people discover that the letter E means the Emperor brand.

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